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Packaging & Repackaging

If you don't have the time or facilities to package your goods once manufactured we can assist you as per your requirements.

Also there are many occasions when a product cannot be sold simply because of the packaging. Our Repackaging Service offers a cost-effective way of ensuring that your stocks are sold.

Example, we recently repackaged a pasta gift set. The set consisted of pasta cooking utensils and a packet of pasta. When the pasta was past its use-by date, the set was not saleable. We broke open the pack, disposed of the pasta, and repacked the cooking utensils into a new design added swinger and bar code re-bagged, ready for sale.

We can update packaging - perhaps due to an out of date product needing to be exchanged, replaced rebranded, or something as simple as a barcode change. We can also break down bulk quantities into smaller pack-sizes where there is an opportunity to profit from product repositioning. Also, if packaging is damaged, we can source replacement packaging to suit your need, and then repack the items for you ready for sale.

To keep shipping costs low, stock is usually sent in bulk from overseas. We can unload and repack the bulk items into individual or specified packaging then re-palletize ready for dispatch, then deliver to your own warehouse, no fuss !


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